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Post what you did on Saturday.(Yesterday)

10:30 Woke up, showered, got dressed drove over to a friends, we hang out.

11:30 My friend and I go to this one girls birthday party, she turned 18, I got her a present (edit).. We all party a little.

2:00 We all head to Fridays and hang out

3:45 I go to my g/f's house and chill

5:00 I take my g/f to Oceans 12, worst movie I have ever seen.

8:00 I drop my gf off and meet up with some other friends. We buy 192 rolls of toliet paper from safeway for 25 dollars.(safeway discount card)

9:00 We go back to my house and play Halo2/ESPN and Ghost Recon 2.

11:00 We grab the toliet paper, theres like 12 of us, and we TP the Country Club. 192 rolls was crazy, I should of grabbed a pic. I'm 18 and TPing never gets old.

1:30 My g/f calls and says theres a party at this girls house that lives near a friend. I tell my parents Im sleeping over and I go to the party. I was up until 5:30

1:30- 6 Partyd like crazy. So many people, it was soo fun. Beer bongs, strip poker, nekkid twister...

6:00 Finally fell asleep

10: Woke up with a hangover and I cant sleep.

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You got her a vibatror? ? I wonder how you explained that to the cashier while buying it..

1 pm: Woke up.

2 pm: Helped out church preschool.

8 pm: Played football in the dark with some friends, then we just did random crap.

12 am: Bed.

Not as exciting as your day, but I need some calm days after the last few weeks... I'm 17 and tping is only fun when you get creative. TPing random houses lost its charm after about the 30th time. Gotta do something new and original, like do hanging designs on their trees. Or "decorate" their house, instead of just doing it randomly. Takes effort, but worth it when you drive by and look at it the next day.

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ill edit that part if it's not allowed...

My friend bought it and gave it to me to give to her. I got her roses and a card as well, that was kinda an "you're 18 now" joke.

I'm going to drive by the country club and see if I can get some pics up later

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4:50 AM: Cat comes in room and scratches my neck, thus waking me up.
5:50 AM: Get out of bed.
6:00 AM: Eat Pop-Tarts
6:10 AM: Shower while mom makes eggs.
6:20 AM: Get Dressed/ Eat eggs.
6:30 AM: Computer.
7:20 AM: Driving.
8:00 AM: Arrive at destination
9:00 AM:

12:30 PM: Testing lets out, eat pizza with family.
2:00 PM: Got home
2:10 PM: Showered
2:30 PM: Computer
8:00 PM: wrapped Christmas gifts
9:00 PM: Computer
11:45 PM: Bed

There's my yesterday wave:

<3 I love fat chicks <3
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HippoMaster said:
You got her a vibatror? ? I wonder how you explained that to the cashier while buying it..
try explaining buying 200 tampons at albertsons (had some fun with mailboxes)

anyways heres my yesterday

7:00AM-wake up for vb tornament
8:30AM-arrive at tournament
8:30AM thru 3:30PM-play against chicks
4:00PM-got home and ate something while watching fb
5:00PM thru 12:30AM-chilled at home
12:35AM-took a shower
12:50AM-went to bed and listened to music

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I call shens on the TPing.

All I did was go to a luncheon at my mom's work.

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7 am: Woke up.
8 am: went to forums and ate
11:30 am: Drove to my friends house to pick him up
12:15 pm: Played paintball at local pb field
4:10 pm: picked up from pb field
6 pm: Arrive back at home after eating at Del Taco
6: 10 pm: Back on forums
10 pm slept.
Yes I'm a forum whore.

Bang Bang Bang
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7:00 wake up
8:00 got to tourney
10:00 started playing
12:00 semis started
1:00 finals started
2:15 brand new lasoya in my hand along with a brand new egg2
4:00 went to shop and got an on/off
4:30 Hardee's
5:00 My house
6:00 Nicks house
6:30 Robbies house
7:00 Coty's house- played greg hastings, and halo 2 all night.

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9:00-woke up

9;30-left for pb

10:30-got to feild

11:30-slipped mud and broke wrist

1:00-dad finally came and picked me up

2:00-sat on couch for 5 hrs

7:00-finally went to hospital

my fun day thumup:

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i took a metro to the nation museum of the american indian

it sucked balls becasue it was basicly like an upscale art gallery

so i went to the museum of natural history and looked at dinosours and mummies, except the mummies were gone becasue i guess its wrong to display dead people or something as an exhibit

then i came home, got my paintball **** together for today, then fell asleep on my couch

ohh, and i went up to shoot a roll of film for photography
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