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Hello All,
My name is Andrew Kurtz and I've rececntly been given the opportunity to convert and acre large abandoned building into an indoor paintball course. The building located just north of the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we have only one other paintball course that's significantly out of the way for most recreational paintballers I know.

My questions to you are..
1) for rental equipment, does anyone out there have recommendations on guns/ammo/etc that I should use for rental. My budget right now is undeveloped, so I'd like to aim more for quality in the rental equipment than cheap-ness.
2) As far as game play goes, would it be plausible to try to convert a old building into a paintball course at all? Almost every course I've ever been to is outdoors, and i figure there might be a reason for that, does anyone have experience with indoor courses and maybe have development advice for me?
3) Prices, what are good prices to charge for participation. Would it be advantageous to maybe have a one time fee for a whole day of gaming, or possibly charge for each game. What could I charge for the rental equipment? I would assume a lot of those prices vary depending on the quality of the field/rental equipment. But if ya'll are maybe able to quote prices you'd be willing to pay, that'd be excellent.

Other than that, theres really no other bases I can think too cover, but if anyone has any more advice for me, that'd be excellent and always appreciated, thank you.

Andrew Kurtz
Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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I don't know what kind of guns you should get.
The prices for my *indoor* fields are 15 dollars for renting a gun, mask, hopper.
The paintballs are 100 for $10. If you have your own gun, it's $10 and free refills for CO2 and H.P.A.
Also, I think you should get not super cheap **** guns, but like $200+ guns, and gravity hoppers.
And for $10 more, maybe some better gun?? And glove rental for an extra $5?

I live in Canada

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1. Most fields in my area use BT-4's as rental markers, do they use them because they are cheap? or because the are built like tanks and can take the abuse? personally I think it is a bit of both of these.

2. Yes a building can be converted to an indoor paintball field and many have been. I would think how you set it up would be the bigger concern, do you use it as one large space? or separate it into two or more smaller spaces? Maybe even set it up so you could use it both ways that would give you maximum flexibility. Urban style or more traditional airball style?

3. It it has been my experience that most fields charge for the entire day, charging by the game is an interesting idea though and would be worthy of some serious thought, perhaps offereing pricing both ways.

How much to charge is considerably more tricky and depends to a large degree on your costs, things like rent/lease, insurance, power, water, sewer and the list goes on and on.

I suggest you contact the Small Business Administration(SBA) they have a wide range of useful tools and publications that will help you plan and run a successful businss.

Decide which bank you are going to use for your business and contact them, most banks have commercial account reps and they will be able to offer advice as well. If you plan on accepting credit cards the bank can be very helpful in getting that set up as well.

Find a really good attorney. You are going to be dealing with some pretty heavy duty legal issues over injuries and potential injuries and you and your companines liability and it is better to get that all figured out now, rather than waiting till the first time someone actually gets hurt. Yes there are waivers/releases you can find online and they are not a bad place to start, however laws vary from state to state and in some cases from city to city so having the attorney review your waiver/release is a really good idea. Yes a good attorney will not be cheap but then neither will a lawsuit over and injured customer.

Insurance you will need it, how much and what type is largerly dependant on the finacial risks you are willing take and your state and local laws so you will need a really good insurance agent. Not a bad idea to discuss this with that atorney as well.

The list of things I can give you that you need to consider could go on for pages. Instead I will say this, according the the SBA 75% of all the business that fail in the first year fail because they do not have a proper plan in place to guide them. The old saying "failure to plan is the same as planning to fail" is so true when applied to starting a business.

Last is good luck with this, if you plan it well and can offer the paintball community in your area a good playing experience at a decent price you should do well.

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