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Hey everyone, well I just bought an '03 shocker and I need money to pay for it so here's my imp. Need money quick so make an offer.

2004 Dust Silver Impulse
Vertical Max-Flow Regulator
NEW New Designz Ball Detents
New Designz Equalizer Delrin Bolt (flush so doesn't come out back of gun)
NEW Sticky Grips
Eclipse Magnetic Blade Trigger (setup up by techs)
Black PMI Flame Drop w/ Duckbill

There is not a single flaw to this gun other than a VERY minor scratch on the feedneck. I've been getting around 1200 shots out of a 68/4200 fill. It's nice so buy it.

Pics will be here in a few minutes, feedback in sig at pbn (imagine987 is the username, Brandon can back me on that), I'll explain the nuetral one if needed (theres 16 positives there anyways), that was not my fault whatsoever.

Thanks for Looking. Oh and since I have to post a price....360ish. No trades at all.
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