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pratically new A5
only used 4 times and shot about 4 or less cases

- e grip w/ radioshack rechrg. battery and charger
- NEW flatline, used once
- barley used got it in June of 2004
12oz co2
16oz co2
3A hp remote line
Ronin Gear pod pack-4pod


-really looking for impulses farely new
-will trade and add money to the price
-will trade
-will sell
asking price $250 and will add money another gun(looking for an impulse)

AIM- cgogo73
E-mail- [email protected]
Phone-(978) 465-3274

pictures are currently unavailable
if u can tell me how to post them it would be appreciated

u can reach me any time (well 98% of the time)
can im me for some pics

great for rec ball

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I woulda kept the impy.
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