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I posted this before here,

Since then I have tested this barrel system on spyders and tippmans. It actually is pretty good for practicing snap shooting and other aspects of the game. Also my uncle, the maker of this barrel, is in the works of making autococker threaded barrel. He is currently using my proto to get measurements for a autococker barrel.

The website is There is also an add in the latest APG magizine. I will have a further review next week when my barrel gets here, I'm getting one free for testing. I will edit this later with more reviews.

Feel free to post any questions.

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why does he need your proto to "find" measurements for cocker threads? the exact measurements are already on the internet in several places... i'll try and find it for you

edit: here we go, from air hopefully your dad can make some sense out of this

The tap used to cut autococker threads is:

15/16"-20, Oversize GH-7

The tap drill is 15/16" minus 46-50 thousandths.

This makes sense. 15/16" corresponds to a major diameter of 0.9375, with a minor diameter of 0.8875 at the largest. 20 threads per inch equals 50 thousandths point to point between threads, or 25 thousandths from valley to point, which means that one can cut these threads with a 45 degree cutting tool.

i think the minor diameter is whatever size paint you want normally, but since you wont be shooting paint with this i guess it doesnt matter...

heres the site if you need more info:
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