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Pictures can be seen at my link below! Hey guys I'm looking to sell my Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical! Its in great condition I have used it an exact 3 times at SC Village(greatest PB park ever!). I'm selling mine in the original box along with all the provided items with purchase.

My gun comes with two modes that add up to around $110
-18" Empire Apex 2 barrel system( An amazing barrel that allows user to curve paintballs with increased accuracy!!!) Also comes in original case
-The amazing Tippmann 98 cyclone feeder that will keep up with the fastest finger spitting out 15 balls per second and best of all no batteries required! 100% Air! Also included is the 200 round low profile hopper both come with original case

All modifications are all ready installed in the gun but just in case I am including the stock 14" barrel and original feeding neck with gravity hopper. Also included is of course a barrel sleeve. If your interested in original price or negotiating I am more than welcome! I am selling this gun to upgrade to an invert mini! This gun is great and will last a life time! Plz txt me at 1-562-457-7374 if interested or if you have any concerns or requests! Thnx for helping me achieve my gun goal and I am looking forward to doing business with you!

Cheap Alpha Black tactical with mods!!!!
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