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there will be a new season, it started a few days ago. Nothing really happened. I tell you....

**Spoiler Below**

So Lincoln and all of them excaped last season. The first episode is basically them running away from the police. They get different clothes, etc. The mean redneck guy that they abanded, who got his hand chopped off in the last season is by himself. He goes to a vet hospital and demands a vet to stich it back on. In the episode, the vet didnt do anything.

Remember the FBI guy and girl, and the guy turned bad on the girl? Well the girl got stuck in some house with the president. The president threatened to shoot her, because she was trying to exploit his plan (remember, they wanted to blame Lincoln for the death...). So she calls the police to save her from him. The police come, but they were currupt by the president, and they shot the girl in the head and she died.

Thats it.
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