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I have a barely used, pristine condition lava colored invert mini. Its been lying around gathering dust so i decided to sell it. It is a newer model, with the handy spring popit and lower PSI gauge. Put some rounds through the gun at a local shop, still shoots like a dream. Gun is crazy light fully kitted, get two of these and run around with them in akimbo. I don't recommend using the UL barrel though, bit long for that.

Gun comes with the following
-Draxxus 68/4500 Tank - needs hydro, but is in pristine condition and has ~10 years left on tank life.
-Dye Rhino tank cover
-Empire reloader B
-Custom Power Plate
-Speed feed grill
-Dye Ultralite barrel w/Ion-cocker adapter.
-Custom made plexiglass grips w/interchangeable designs.

Gun was recently disassembled, cleaned, lubed, and reassembled with professional care. Attached are some pictures of the gear. Ill try and get a video for you guys once i get some paint.

Asking $525, shipped. Thanks for looking!

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