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I got a Pro Carbine a couple days ago and i put some paint through it to make sure it worked.

At first i thought it was leaking from the tank adaptor, but it was just a faulty tank o-ring.

After seeing it worked, i stripped it down, cleaned, and oiled everything. After re-assembling it and putting in my co2 tank, the gun leaked from the barrel.

I took it apart again and looked it over closely.

This is what i saw:

The valve o-ring looks kinda torn up

The sear rubs against the drive spring (i think from wear on the receiver part that keeps the sear bent back)

Will replacing the valve o-ring stop the barrel leak? Also should i be able to see the entire valve o-ring when i unscrew the reduction fitting?

Also i already have a plan for dealing with the sear problem, so mostly im wondering about that o-ring.
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