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Proto Matrix Six
-Ultralight Frame
-Ultralight Barrel

*Ultralight Barrel includes a silver 14" front, no longer a black front
-more pics at request

Gun History
-Bought New in Summer 2006
-Well Maintained, Regularly Tech'd
-Primary Marker

I still have the original frame, board, Ultralight frame box and Proto Matrix Six Box complete with a blank warrenty card

I am only intrested in trades, cash offers will be considered. I am looking to trade the marker for a:
-2K5 Intimidator w/ups *
-SFT Shocker w/ups
-Surprise me w/ups

please no ions/lowend electronics

iv had this marker for 2 seasons now I just want to shoot somthing new to excite me for this season

Contact me at
[email protected]
post here or PM me
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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