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PSP Chicago

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ok... so who exactly is going, so we can re-set up what we were going to do as seeing it was deleted
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im going 100% sure. styaing at the ramada in at homewood. if any1 wants to meet up. 12693771802. ill be playing on the 23. you guys can come chill at my spot. we wil have a redz banner up
we'll get there the 24th i beleive to walk fields and set up, playing on 25th and 26th, and hopefully the 27th... but i doubt ill get any ballin time, so ill just hang out and stop in... if anyone wants to come to me, ill be at the Chaos area, no clue where yet or anything

anyone else?
I might go with a team just to watch, prob not playing
I may come up to watch, chill and have a good time. Meet some new ballers.

i don't have a way to get there, but my older brother, who lives in Colorado, will probably be playing. I'll let you know when I find out. Perhaps I can persuade him to come pick me up on his way?
ill most likely be there, and maybe i might get a lil ballin in...not sure where ill be but just gimme a call if u wanan hook up 989-615-7333
I wish i could go, but i dont have any friends willing to go to chicago with me :(
that sucks, i got my team goin it will be awesome considerin my friend is goin with a prepaid credit card and lookin for a new gun
we'll be there. team LTZ. we will probably have a tent or somthing with dye and cp banners.
leave ur cell fone numbers
i won't be playing, but i will be heading their with Detroit Ignition.
exxodus said:
leave ur cell fone numbers

yay everyone call remix!
bring my 10$ for the macro, and teds 10for shipping ur gun
I should be there at least the 26th and 27th.
This sucks...I just realized i'm goin the wrong way lol...I leave for Florida on Friday, and then the 26th and 27th i'm in the Bahamas....darn it!
I would go if I had any money/transportation. Get some pics and someone send me some free stuff.
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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