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PSU Needs Your Help

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Since this was deleted after the hackage...

This was written by Rob Ortiz (PSUGhost on Pbn)

"The Penn State Paintball team has been trying for the past few months to get the adminitstration at The Pennsylvania State University to accept paintball as a true sport at Penn State. To that end we are attempting to get the University to allocate us a paintball field on campus. One of the first. To that end we have set up a simple petition to aid our cause.

Why should you sign this petition? Because by announcing your support of Penn State Paintball and the college paintball league you are setting into motion a domino effect across the globe. PSU is one of the most highly recognized university's in the world, and what they say or do is copied by hundreds of other schools world wide. Imagine every school in the nation having a paintball field, imagine schools accepting paintball as a true sport. With these actions in motion it's only a matter of time till the nation recognizes the sport.

Imagine proffessionals feeding off college teams, imagine paintball bowl games. Even if you have no intrest in college paintball the repricusions of this will make the sport recognized world wide. It effects everyone.

So please, show your support for the future of paintball by teling PSU you want them to open a college paintball field on campus."

For clarification, I am NOT a PSU student, but I do live in the area. We do not have a field within an hour of us, and our "renegade" field was closed last week. We might get it back, but we would have to take the bunkers down after all the games, which practically requires sup'air ball bunkers. So people are trying to get money for those since they are quite pricey. I'm done making you feel sorry for me now :p .
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UP. Mods, I hate to ask...but please sticky this, it's very important.
it keeps tellin me it can't get the information.
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