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Hey, i just saw that pump conversion kit that ccm makes for cockers. I've been thinking about getting a pump for a really long time, but i dont want to spend too much on it. Could i use the pump kit on one of thoes inexpensive pysco-ballistic cockers? (i think theres the lightning and the superbolt, never seen the superbolt though) i know that ccm makes a few different versions of the kit for the different versions of cockers, which kit would i buy if i were to buy one of thoes cheaper cockers? also, how many shots do you think i'd get off a 68/45 if i had the pump kit on it? (also im assuming that the psyco cockers are cocker threaded :))
also what is the difference between the superbolt and the lightning? they're the same price, but the super bolt has a double trigger, which i wouldn't need anyway. and i think the word lightning on the lightning body looks sorta cheesy.

what feedneck threads are the lightning? it almost looks like the feedneck doesn't even come off!

you guys think that this is a good idea?

oh, also, if i were to use the pump kit, i wouldn't have to time anything, right??
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