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0ld Sk00l
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Ok, We got a new victim, This time, He wants to make a "****ografic" video w/ me (christi) and baur (rye). everything in blue is side notes on the whole thing.

this is when he first IMed Baur

White4Midget: Hi
BAURblades43: hey
White4Midget: your sexy
BAURblades43: hehe
BAURblades43: thanks
White4Midget: do you have any nude pics?
BAURblades43: not nude
BAURblades43: jsut close to it
BAURblades43: do u?
White4Midget: let me see them
White4Midget: i can if you wannt
BAURblades43: i am on an old computer, it dosnt have a usb port
BAURblades43: so i gotta switch comps
BAURblades43: so i can upload them from my digi camera
White4Midget: oh bummer
White4Midget: can you switch comps now?
BAURblades43: not now
BAURblades43: later tonight
White4Midget: can i see those pictures then?
BAURblades43: ya
White4Midget: do you have a webcam?
BAURblades43: nope :-(
BAURblades43: it broke
White4Midget: dang, what time are you going to be able to send pics?
BAURblades43: not really sure.... my dad is playin a game and sumtimes he plays it like until 4 oclock
White4Midget: **** what game
BAURblades43: joint ops: typhoon rising
White4Midget: pretty awesome
White4Midget: what size bra do you wear?
BAURblades43: 14c
White4Midget: what are you wearing right now?
BAURblades43: blue jeans hig huggers and a pink mid drift
White4Midget: are you shaved?
BAURblades43: of course....
White4Midget: would you want to be on my **** site?
BAURblades43: i dont do nudes, sorry
White4Midget: how about softcore?
BAURblades43: maby
White4Midget: are you a virgin?
BAURblades43: hey my friend says she might be interested
White4Midget: what's her sn
BAURblades43: shes over at my house right now
White4Midget: how old is she
BAURblades43: 17
White4Midget: thats close enough,
White4Midget: where do you live?
BAURblades43: u interested in her?
BAURblades43: i think she is cuter than me
BAURblades43: o sorry
BAURblades43: i live in socal
White4Midget: i'm intrested in what she has
BAURblades43: k
White4Midget: would she like to do a group movie?
BAURblades43: i duno about movies.....
BAURblades43: ill ask
White4Midget: i thought she was right next to you
BAURblades43: no she left like 5 min ago to go home
BAURblades43: im talkin to her on her cell phone
White4Midget: oh... ok
White4Midget: would you like to do softcore?
BAURblades43: yes i think so
BAURblades43: and she said yes, she would do a movie, she loves exploring
BAURblades43: lol
White4Midget: would you be able to get some pictures to me by tommarow?
White4Midget: thats good news
BAURblades43: yes
BAURblades43: for sure
White4Midget: what about yoru friend, does she have an sn?
BAURblades43: she uses her boyfriends most of the time
BAURblades43: hold on
BAURblades43: let me find it
White4Midget: k
BAURblades43: ok it is metallicafan9182
White4Midget: sweet
BAURblades43: she is online now...
BAURblades43: btw, can i ask where u got my sn?
White4Midget: i have a program a.k.a friends who find sn's for me
BAURblades43: how did u know i was sexy?

This is where it starts to get intresting and i am brought in. here is the convo Baur started w/ me about the whole thing
BAURblades43: omg another one...
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lmfao
BAURblades43: White4Midget: Hi
BAURblades43: hey
White4Midget: your sexy
BAURblades43: hehe
BAURblades43: thanks
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lmfao
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: dude, this would be soo good to punk these n00bs
BAURblades43: i know
BAURblades43: i am settin it up
BAURblades43: we need nyy to get on
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i know
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: u still have steve written in ur sig?
BAURblades43: for shizzle
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i am gonna ask justyna to send me pics when she gets on tommorrow
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lol
BAURblades43: haha
BAURblades43: she still get on?
BAURblades43: how often u talk to her?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i talked to her probably every other day
BAURblades43: dude whats a good bra size?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: 32C
BAURblades43: for a 16 year old?
BAURblades43: no implants
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: yea
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ok
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: 14C
BAURblades43: u sure?
BAURblades43: wtf how do u know this crap?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: cause i am smart
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: :)
BAURblades43: or u try on your sisters u queer
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lmfao, wrong dude
BAURblades43: ;-)
BAURblades43: <3
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i look at bras at JCpennys all the time
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: and victory secret
BAURblades43: omg
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i tell them i'm looking for a bra for my GF
BAURblades43: so funny
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: something sexy
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: and they ask, how big is she
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: and i'm like... about ur size
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lol
BAURblades43: haha
BAURblades43: omg thats so great
BAURblades43: omg
BAURblades43: White4Midget: would you want to be on my **** site?
BAURblades43: i dont do nudes, sorry
White4Midget: how about softcore?
BAURblades43: maby
White4Midget: are you a virgin?
BAURblades43: hey my friend says she might be interested
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lol
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i guess i'm ur friend :-(
BAURblades43: of course
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i'm always the ***** huh?
BAURblades43: BAURblades43: of course
BAURblades43: ok dude
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: tell him i'm on my BF's SN
BAURblades43: wait
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: that he's outta town
BAURblades43: no
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lol
BAURblades43: i said u are at my hosue
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: oh
BAURblades43: talk to him in a little bit
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ok
BAURblades43: i said u were 17
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lol
BAURblades43: and thats the only info
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ok
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: whats my name *****?
BAURblades43: none yet
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ok
BAURblades43: how bout christi
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lol
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: Christi Suxx
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: :)
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: christi works
BAURblades43: chirsi is hawt
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: :)
BAURblades43: christi*
BAURblades43: hey he wants to know if you are interested in a group movie
BAURblades43: ???
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: tell him i love exploring
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ;-)
BAURblades43: rofl
BAURblades43: thats classic
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: :)
BAURblades43: ok dude
BAURblades43: he will im u now
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ok
BAURblades43: ur 17, remeber
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: christi
BAURblades43: name is christi
BAURblades43: want to do movies
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: yera
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i love it in the ass
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: :)
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lmfao
BAURblades43: rofl
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: tell him that
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: OMFG!
BAURblades43: what ever floats ur boat
BAURblades43: tell him ur self
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: he hasn't IMed me yet
BAURblades43: k...
BAURblades43: o ya
BAURblades43: and that is ur bf sn
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: yea
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: we are gonna have to make a punk'd thread
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: so keep ur windows OPEN
BAURblades43: ya
BAURblades43: i saved my convos
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i'm sending him the thong pic
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: :)
BAURblades43: wait
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: huh?
BAURblades43: the one that says punked?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: no
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: the original
BAURblades43: oooo
BAURblades43: ok
BAURblades43: good
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182 wants to directly connect.
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: yo

So now it starts getting really funny... here is the pic i sent him as me.. (i know i'm sexy)

Here is the convo i am having w/ Him

0ld Sk00l
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White4Midget: Hey
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: Hey
White4Midget: umm wait, who is this
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: Christi
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i'm on my BF's SN
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i stole his password
White4Midget: good for you, so are you still intrested?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i love exploring
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i've always wondered what it felt like up the ass
White4Midget: thats great, do you have any preview pics?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: only of my body
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: my BF cropped out my face for some reason
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: you want to see it?
White4Midget: strange, but are they of you?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: yes they are
White4Midget: yeah then i would
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: he cropped out my face so he could post it w/out me being embaresed
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: from people knowing who i was
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182 wants to directly connect.
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: connect?
You are no longer directly connected to White4Midget because an error occurred. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
White4Midget wants to directly connect.
White4Midget's software could not interpret your request. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: hmm.. hold on, he has a link here somewhere
White4Midget: i guess there is somthing wrong with your comp
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: yea
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: h/o, i got a picture of me w/ my face and all
White4Midget: ok
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: let me get it here
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: gotta scan it
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i do have pretty big boobies :)
White4Midget: did you get the picture up?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: 1 second hun
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i am going to host it like my BF does
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: there you go
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: rye took the picture
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: she thought it was funny
White4Midget: rye?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: baurblades
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: her name is rye
White4Midget: oh. ok
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: so this video you talked about
White4Midget: i dont know, im looking at your picture...
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: what would we be doing?
White4Midget: I would set you up with 2 guys, and it would be a double anal- blowjob thing
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i like the anal idea
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: what next?
White4Midget: whatever you want, or they want
White4Midget: do you have any experience?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: yea, i've given my boy friend plently of Blow jobs and some sex
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: but he doesn't wana give it to me in the butt,
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: austin is doesn't want poo on his dick, as he says
White4Midget: its not that big of deal, so your really tight then, that would make a great double anal scene
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: awsome
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: so how big are you?
White4Midget: have you ever toyed with it before?
White4Midget: you'll find out if you want
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i've got a dildo
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: but it's broken
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: no more vibrating :'(
White4Midget: you have nice tits, would you want to tit ****?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i've done that before
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: it's awsome
White4Midget: do you have any nude pictures?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: my BF does
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i don't
White4Midget: if you really want to do this, i'll need some preview pictures, and then i'll have my co-owners decide if your up to it
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i did do a web cam thing once on yahoo
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: how old are you?
White4Midget: i'm 24
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: austin is 21
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: :)
White4Midget: thats.. cool.. i guess
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: me and rye have already done some expirimenting tonight
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: her dad is outta town
White4Midget: what did you do tonight
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: we did some 69 and kissing and stuff
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i masturbated her
White4Midget: apparently she said that her dad was on her other computer?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: oh
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: she told me he was outta down, i didn't see him the whole day
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i asked "rye, wheres ur dad" before we started,
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: but she never answered
White4Midget: oh ok, i got it
White4Midget: yeah i gotta go now, later
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: bye
White4Midget signed off at 1:12:17 AM.

As you can see he signed off before we could show him our famous Punkd' Pic. but, we know u all will IM him so, Just make sure you all tell him he was a PBF Punk'd Crew ***** of the day :)

So... Once again it was fun, And well... Expect more from the PBF Punk'd Crew, don't know when we will hit next ;)

Austin (the mod) notice how i said u where my fake BF ;)

--Kan Man
PBF Punk'd Crew

0ld Sk00l
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this is the 2nd half of mine and baurs convo i forgot to post :(

BAURblades43: haha
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: sending that
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: gonna take out though
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: what did you say ur name is?
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: urry
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: hurry*
BAURblades43: nothin yet
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ur rye
BAURblades43: do rye
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i'll make the thread bro
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i won't do it now
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: but when it's over, send me ur convo
BAURblades43: ya, jsut save your convos
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: what would we be doing?
White4Midget: I would set you up with 2 guys, and it would be a double anal- blowjob thing
BAURblades43: mmmm
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lmfao
The connection with BAURblades43 was not successful. Make sure that your Buddy is using the latest version of AIM. Changing your settings in the Firewall preference may help. Also both you and your Buddy may need to adjust the settings of the firewall software on your individual networks.
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: hey
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: send me the begining conversation he sent to you
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i'll start on the thread, then submit it when we finish it
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: put it on notepad and send it to me
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: dude, we are gonna have to tell him here shortly
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: he's getting weird
BAURblades43 wants to send file rofl convo 2.htm.
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182 received C:\Documents and Settings\All\My Documents\download\metallicafan9182\rofl convo 2.htm.
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ****
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: dude
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ****
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: gotta end it
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: i said ur dad was outta town
BAURblades43: omg u dumb
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: u said he was on the other computer
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: hmm
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: gotta think of something
BAURblades43: say u didnt know
BAURblades43: say my bed room is up stairs
BAURblades43: err
BAURblades43: wait
BAURblades43: down stairs
BAURblades43: and the computer is up stairs
BAURblades43: say u never saw him so u thought he was still out of town in LA
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ok, have to put thread up so i can exspand post
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: he is leaving
BAURblades43: i know
BAURblades43: crapola
BAURblades43: dont do a thread
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: too late
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lol
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: it's fun
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: leave it at that bro
BAURblades43: wait
BAURblades43: but we gotta show him the punked pic
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: no we don't
BAURblades43: and people from pbf will im him about it
BAURblades43: he dosnt know he is bein punked
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: lol
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: so
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: Make it funnier
BAURblades43: haha
BAURblades43: ok
BAURblades43: do it
BAURblades43: dude go to pbf chat NOW
BAURblades43: dude they think im a girl u QUEER

MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: ****!
MeTaLLiCaFaN9182: woopsies

Liquor for da Homiez
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dude jerry post the punked picture. then every one who ims him show him it. say that is baur's picture

o ya, 2.1 is comming soon.... its being worked.... jsut gotta wait til the time is right to show him teh picture.... this guy isnt as.... i duno, horny, as the guy in this thread though... this guy seems cool, i almost dont want to be mean to him. but o well, he shoots a spyder AND a tippy... he goin down.
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