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Hello. I am Weslee Woolums the Team Captain, Owner, and Manager of Rambo Squad. We need 3 players in the Georgetown area. We are looking for hard working, determined players. We have 7 players right now, 3 decided to quit. We wanna play in tourneys, but we need people. We are NOT sponsored as of now, but we need tournament time to get sponsored. Post here with yes or no, and with gear info. PM me your name, number, and your location. I will list the teammates gear asap. Thanks!

My gear as of now:
VL High Voltage
VL Quantum Hopper
VL Pro Pod harness
JT Gloves
JT Neck protector
Z-Leader Mask
2 9oz co2 tanks

Weslee Woolums
Team Captain, Owner, Manager of Rambo Squad
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