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I am selling a next to new T68! seen a few great days! shot about 100 people or so, and about 8000 paintballs through it, I just got a new screwkit to replace teh screws in the gun, and I ahve spare M4 Handguards.

heres the kit:

1x T68
1x M16A2 Barrel
1x QCB Barrel
1x Socom Silencer
1x Ar-15 Weaver Rail mount
3x M4 Handguards (1cheap one, and 2 solid strong ones)
1x spare M4 hand guard ring kit
1x spare screw kit
1x Mag
1x Iron Sight
1x Carry Handle
1x Extremrage 150-180round hopper (I think its 150 but I put 180 in it Idk)

she works like a bueaty! I must sell I need money for car insurance..e-mail me at [email protected]

starting price $230

I can e-mail pics when requested. ALSO I have figured out how to add the QCB barrel to the M16A2 barrel, useing the socom silencer, giveing you a 28inch barrel! woot! it almost looks like it puts a backspin on the paintballs, but not sure only some testing done, I tried useing last match but I never got enough time to deploy as that big of a barrel I need a bit of time to get set up, but it pops in and out in seconds! quick easy to clean! and it seals just right endless you mess with the etape around the QCB barrel keeping it snug in the Silencer.

ok these are some temp pics till I get a chance to get pics of the whole kit.

[img=] [img=] [img=]

(Silver barrel not included)

Ok lets here some offers!

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