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Rat Jr. Impulse!! Upgraded

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I am selling a gray rat impulse for $675. It has been used less than a year. It is in very good condition. It has only been run off hpa and has been cleaned and lubed after every use.

This impulse comes with Tapeworm, high volume front cap, Evil Pipe barrel system, vertical MaxFlow Reg., delrin bolt, blade trigger, Brass hammer, Custom Products quick disconnect feedneck(evo 2 collet), SP sticky grip, Dye Stick 3 grip, Vision, New Desinze vision cover(flame).CORE Universal drop forward ,stock board, Smart Parts Progressive Barrel, Nitro Duck 3000psi nitro tank, and Dye core division gloves(blue/medium).

EMAIL ME FOR AN OFFER….(I don’t chek this often)
e-mail me for questions and picts at … [email protected]
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Ill do 500 without gloves, tank, and drop
got any pics
Sure..where do u want me to send them to.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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