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Hey all, i am selling/trading a 2k2 silver Rat Jr. Impulse. I am selling it because my team is limiting the guns we can use. I will trade for shockers (preference), timmies, and angels. For those who want to know the specs, here they are.
-vision board, and stock cricket board
-Stubby delrin bolt (white)
-ND RIP valve (and stock Rat valve)
-dye sticky grips (black)
-CP rail and on/off
-vert max-flo
-extra dye hyper in-line 2 reg (black)(used on dm4's)
-Rat milling
-other rat internals

I am selling it for $675. My AIM is Assault3007, hit me back on there or post here. I also have pics on AIM.
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