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So we all know the only reason you post pics of your car is because you want people to be like hey...nice ride. Maybe not like that but still. So heres a thread that will be used for that.

1. You can post up to 3 pictures. We do not want it to be cluttered.

2. You must post a picture of YOUR car, not some ricer on OMG ITS A RICER forum.

3. If there is a post in front of yours, you must rate it.

Rating Rules:

1. Judge by condition of car/paint and year it was made.

2. Judge engine by miles on it and add-ons

3. 22 inch rims are only cool on SOME things.

After that? Have fun dude rate up.

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1994 Volkswagon Jetta III
2.0 liter High Performance engine (65,000 Miles...yes its a 94)
5 Speed Manual 4 Cylinder Fuel Injected
Nickel Plated Skull Shift Knob(I think its uber kool)
Leather Steering Wheel Cover
Dual 10 inch Visonik Subwoofers, 4 pioneer tweeters 1 in each door, pioneer stereo.

Soon to come: Racing seats. New paint job. Cool air intake.
When I get more money: Whole new exhaust system with new headers. 17 Inch black rims.


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2003 Kawasaki Ninja
22,000 miles
Power Commander III USB
Scorpion Slip-On
Vortex Sprockets
Smoked Windscreen
Clear Alternatives Integrated Taillight
Fender Eliminator
Frame Sliders
Bar Ends
Spool Swingarm Sliders

I'm about to go pick up the new car.. I'll get pictures and **** up in a few days of that.

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Jetta 4.5/10

Ninja 8/10

2000 Chevy S-10 Blazer
108,xxx miles
4.3L v6 automatic
K&N drop in filter
3.5"/4" drop
Cowl hood
SS mirrors
Shaved badges
Shaved door molding
Shaved roof rack
Billet grill
Painted bowtie
HID head lights
Billet gauge overlay
Custom .45 shell antenna cap
20% tint 3% on back glass
30gig Ipod
Pioneer mids
MTX Thunder 7500 15" sub in a sealed enclosure
MTX thunder 85000D amp
Rockford 2g wiring
Rockford twisted RCAs


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VW - 11/10. You can't beat a skull shift knob.
Ninja - -10/10 for it not being Green, 9/10 for everything else. 100/10 for putting miles on it and not using it as a $10k seat on weekends.
S-10 - 6.5/10 - I hate cowl hoods w/ a passion.

05 Subaru Impreza WRX STi
45k miles (still under warranty)
SPT short ram intake/heatshield
HKS Catback exhaust

Waiting for:
Invidia Divorced DP and springs

Only pic I have on my PC

06 CBR 600rr
23k miles
Yosh pipe & K&N

My Baby:
1982 Toyota Supra
Engine-less (swapping to newer undecided turbo engine)
Fluidyne Radiator, dual 12" Flex-A-Lite fans, Suspension Techniques lowering springs (-2"), Monroe Sensatrac shocks , Super Pro Polyurethane Bushings all around, Adco Front and Rear Sway Bars, Cusco Front and Rear Strut Bars, 16" SportMax Wheels, Dynamic Auto Design racing seats, Rear camber mod is also installed so camber is correct...
No, it's not the original color.

This is what I want reviewed as it is what puts the mkII in mkIISupraMan18... lol


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2003 Hyundai Tiburon
Custom 2.5'' Duals w/TopSpeed N1 Mufflers
Custom "T" shift knob
Fidanza Flywheel
F1 Clutch
Ebay CAI
DC Sports Headers
KDM Style Headlights
Exos Tuning Fuel Door
Black-out tails
Black Wheels
NGM Stage IV Intake Manifold
Brian Crower Custom-Ground Cams
APexi NEO Tuner
Real ECU w/8K rev-limiter
PLX Devices Wideband


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2008.5 Mazdaspeed3
2.3L Turbo Direct Inject DISI motor
Cobb SRI
Forge BPV
1/4 = 13.98 @ 103MPH

Comming Soon:
CP-e Piggy Back
CP-e catted DP
Cobb Catt back

Power Goal:

2008 RX-8
1.3L Renesis Rotary
Tail Out Fun in a small package.

You can tell I didn't clean the car... Check the wheels.

2003 Monte Carlo SS
Over 130,000 Miles on it in these pictures.
I'm amazed how good of shape it is in still.
Traded in today for a 2007 g35 (pix soon)

2008 Trailblazer A.K.A. the POS
Steering Problems since we bought it
Lemon Lawed 2 weeks ago

more then 3 pictures... but ohwell

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Wait ti'll the build is done :) I'm going for the sleeper look. So idk if I'm gonna do any more exterior mods other then maybe some 18" bronze torques. and some new tires.
must post pics of the g35......coupe or sedan?

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1994 Mustang GT 5 speed 144k
Motor currently is just past break in (~3k miles)
Bored .30 over
Keith Black pistons
SCAT forged rotating assembly
Aluminum Radiator
Under Drive pulley set
120 Amp alternator
Trickflow Upper and Lower intake
BBK Into fender Cold Air Intake
Eldebrock Power tube
Edlebrock throttle body
Custom ground Lunati cam
BBK shorty headers
BBK Offroad X pipe
Flowmaster 40 series Mufflers
Trickflow Roller Rockers
AFR 165 heads with Ed Curtis porting
MSD blaster Coil
MSD Distributor and Cap
Ford Racing Performance plug wires
Walboro 255 lph fuel pump
High flow fuel filter
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
King Cobra clutch kit
Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
94-9 Cobra T5 tranny
Built 8.8” FRP rear end
Custom Aluminum driveshaft
C-clip eleminators
3.73 gears
150 shot of NOS

Kenwood head unit
Directed Dedicated subwoofer amp
400 watt 4 channel component amp
All 6 speakers upgraded
12” JL Audio woofer
JL Powerwedge box
2 Guage Amp kit with Monster Cable RCA’s
DEI Rattler Alarm/Keyless entry system with 2 remotes

Cervinis single step cowl hood
Tinted windows
Lowered 2” on Eibach sport line springs
Polished Bullit wheels, 18x9 front and 18x10 Deep Dish rear
Nitto 555R Drag Radials

Wheels in those pics are not current.

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not a fan of the cowl hood, but I bet that thing has some power to it. Did the motor pop? Or did you just decide to rebuild the engine?

And the g35 is a coup. Pix this weekend. I'm gonna wash and wax it then take it for a test drive :)

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The hood looks way better with the 18's on it. I'll try to get some better pictures of it soon. I yanked the last motor because it was not good for a DD. It's sitting in the corner of my garage ready for the 800+ Crank HP build.

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Nitrous is great for daily driving, because I can turn it on and off.

It had a Fully forged 331 stroker in a Dart block. I am shooting for 800 Crank HP, going to try and stay with a 331. Going to up to AFR 205's with custom porting, single turbo, water/meth and nitrous. Also planning on running a DEI Megasquirt system on it.

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Btw Bunkertime my friend got a MS3 when they first came out. He let me drive it one night and it was a fun car to drive. His is modded though. I can't remember what all he has, but I know it's got a 3" DP and a few other goodies. Boost controller, and something to get rid of fuel cut I believe. I don't think he had it working right when I drove it though.
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