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I just realized I own three high end guns. So, naturally, I will gloat about it. First two you've all seen already but that's too bad.

-UL tip
-Lucky UN1 board
-Lucky Spitfire chip
-Lucky laser eyes
-CP rake
(Shown with lucky bolt and cap, now switched back to stock, clover sticker has long since been removed)

-Snapshot barrel
-CCU kit
-Cure bolt

Arsenal G7 Fly
-CP barrel
-CP rail + on/off
-CP reg adapater + reg
(Missing an LCD screen and poppet stem is damaged but it shoots fine)
I actually co-own this with a friend, it's a project/back up gun for both of us. I'll be selling him my share shortly as I don't really need a third gun...

All together:

I run them with either a 45/45 or 68/45 with a Revvy, VLocity, or Pulse.

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When did you acquire the Angel? It looks kind of familiar.
End of last season, a couple months ago. It used to have the stock reg on it but it was messed up, me and my friend replaced it. Everything else looks the same as when we recieved it. I forgot the name of the pro that originally used it, I'll come back when I find out.

are u gunna sell an of them
The angel won't be mine anymore soon, and the other two are technically up for sale... but not really.
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