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Well here they are :D

1st the sniper
-lightning body
-powerlyte scepter barrel kit
-CCM pump kit
-Custom Parts bleed ASA
-Evil Detonator Reg
-Chrome hinge frame

2nd my phantom
*note: I'm currently trying out a new open class setup. I have the parts to make it stock class or put a reg on it

-Wevo UC kit
-WGP bullet on/off drop-asa
-spyder feedneck
-funky grips
-giant loop of macro :D


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8 on the sniper. Lightnings are crap but the bodies are good and pumping one is probably the best you can do with one.

9 on the phantom, shiny. I really like undercocking ones. Consider putting a 12g adapter on it instead of a reg foregrip if you do go stock class.

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Really don't like lightnings, or double triggers on pumps, so 5/10 for that. The Phantom, however, is really nice. Definitely a 9/10 on that one. I prefer a bigger handle than the Wevo.
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