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REALLY need help with tadao...really confusing on how to switch bounce

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hey guys...can someone help me out with programing my tadao board...i get into programing mode by connecting pins 5 and 6 with an allen wrench, then its in debounce mode ( when it blnks once, then pauses...etc) but then i hold the trigger and what not, but i get confused by this...cuz it blinks twice ( meaning debounce is on 2 ms) but the gun wont fire over like 8 cps at all....and i switched it over to halo mode im prettys im pretty sure its bounce...and even though it says its on 2 its not, or maybe it really confused and tmc didnt help much at all..can someone PLEASE help

u can im me at spikezter4688

also...when im in debounce mode...when i click the trigger is it going UP or DOWN??? tmc didnt help much at all
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you must have tadao 1.1

your gonna have to search online for a manual.
i have 1.1

and they sent me a manual with just doesnt work what they say to do
woops.. i forgot i was opn my friends name
contact flops at PbN
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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