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well i am looking for some practice balls and was wondering what my best option is the 3 i am currently looking @ are

$149.99 for 500 (soft rubber ball)

rap4 .68 Cal Rubber Training Balls
.68 Cal Rubber Training Balls (Bag of 500)
$99.00 for 500 (rubber ball)

rap4 .68 Cal Target Balls
.68 Cal Target Balls - Blue (Bag of 100)
$18.00 for 100 ($90 for 500) (Velcro ball)

several questions
1. which is best quality,not related to sp @ all, (and not just price wise)
2.which will lase longer
3.will they "HURT" )ie cause bodily damage @ 300fps)
4.not sure why i put 4 questions as i can't think of another one sorry for wasting this space

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There are plenty of options, but dont go with reballs if you are aming at a friend because they hurt like a B**** the best practice is with good quality real paintballs.
Oh and the velcro balls are like shooting rocks.
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