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Recball FAQ’s

In paintball we have 3 major types of play. Tournament, Scenario, and Recreational. Though my experiences is somewhat limited to Scenario and Recreational, I’ll try to give some tips and pointers here and answer some questions that seem to be recurring here at PBF in the recreational section.

Ok, first off, recreation is basically any paintball that isn’t taking place in a tournament style of play (rankings and prizes and what not) or falling under the scenario category which is considered large amounts of people (100 vs. 100 and up) in any given game. It can be speedball, hyperball, or woods ball.

Recreational has two qualities of it’s own. You have Backyard ball or as it’s more commonly known as Outlaw ball. This is a style of play where paintball has it’s roots. Bunch of guys going out illegally, or in some cases legally, with a bunch of friends, splitting up into teams, and facing off in a good day of fun. The other form of recreational is done at a field. This is non tournament play but is done on fields.

Ok, lets get down to the basic questions.

What do I wear!?!?!?

Anything you’re comfortable wearing and getting really dirty. Jeans are ok, but they tend to limit your flexibility. I suggest sports pants, or BDU’s. If you’re going to be playing woods ball, BDU’s are definitely the way to go. There is nothing more comfortable that I’ve ever used in paintball then a good set of BDU’s. Top wise you might want to consider a darker color t-shirt. Most fields in paintball, white stands out, even in speedball. Darker colors are always a safer bet. In the colder months then you can consider something heavier. You do not want to burden yourself with heavy clothing to pad yourself so to speak. Yea you’ll be padded, but you’ll also die of a heat stroke and suffer from dehydration before the day is half way over. Weight is key in paintball, keep it to a minimal.

Footwear, definitely sneakers. Boots are great, but unless you have some sweet boots that are really comfortable to run in and do not limit your flexibility, then sneakers are still the best choice. They offer breathing room most of the time, and are very light weight. Like with anything else, always wear a darker color shoe while you’re playing. Bright flashy colors are just annoying, better to keep a lower profile.

Is it ok to wear a jersey? YES!!! Jerseys are great, they give paintball a better public face, even for those outlaw ballers. Jerseys are mostly designed to allow breathing and light weight, but functionality. They cover all exposed skin in the human midsection, and give you a more professional look.

What kind of gear should I get!?!?!?

Mask: is the most important thing a paintballer can have in his gear bag. A good mask is the backbone of great baller. Do not skimp on the mask one bit. Always buy thermal lenses, and never settle for “fog resistant” because I’m of the opinion they create their own fog just to piss you off. Find a mask that is comfortable and fits you nice and tight. If your mask is too loose, you’re asking to lose an eye on the field. Always take good care of your mask and make sure there are no cracks in the lenses. A good choice for a mask is a proflex. Reasonable priced, but VERY comfortable.

Marker: Here is the real debatable subject. The basic formula has always been; Speedball get a spyder or spyder clone, and woods ball get a tippmann. News flash, there are more then just two types of markers out there. With the Wrath & Ion being released, this opens up a whole new world for the average recball player that has limited funds. Both are under $300 and both provide top quality performance at a rock bottom price. That doesn’t mean count out the other low end markers that are on the market for entry level players. These markers get the job done as well, and require less maintenance then say the Ion or the Wrath. In the woods however, tippmann still had a monopoly over everything… or does it? Yes tippmanns are all over the place in woods ball, but for a good reason. They’re the most reliable woods ball markers in the history of paintball! There is however, a returning giant to the woods ball field. Since most woods guys dislike electronics, the Automag has made an incredible resurgence among the ballers of today. The RT Mag is the fastest mechanical marker out right now, and it’s the king of the woods. Whether you’re an old school baller, or a new guy, you can never go wrong with a Tippy or a Mag.

What hopper should I get!?!?!? A standard revvy is the best choice for hoppers. Better then a gravity fed hopper, but not as expensive as a Halo or Q loader.

HPA or CO2!?!?!?!? HPA is always a better choice. The tanks though are way more expensive then that of a CO2 tank, and for the most part, a CO2 will last you longer. CO2 however is much more prevalent though out the united states then HPA is. The choice really depends on your spending limit, and which one you have access to. Keep in mind however that HPA tanks need to by hydro tested every few years.

What kind of barrel should I get!?!?!? Barrels are really a preference. Barrel kits provide total assurance of getting the right paint to barrel match, but a good barrel will give you decent performance no matter what the paint, for the most part. I’ve personally fallen in love with Smart Part’s All American. It doesn’t matter what marker I put it on, it shoots darts and it’s pretty stealthy sound wise. Ask anyone that uses the same marker that you’re using what barrel they use. Or just take note what setups people are running. You’ll commonly see the same set of barrels used on everyone’s markers. If you haven’t heard of it, chances are no one is using it, which generally means it sucks. Go with companies known for good barrels.

What kind of paint should I use!?!?!? I’ve all but stopped buying my paint at my local shop. $50 a case is too much for $30 paint. If I’m going to pay $50 for a case, I might as well get a case of anarchy for $40-$45 and pay shipping, it’s a better deal. Online paint is always cheaper then in a store. Stay away from the really cheap stuff, its typically not rounded, has large seems, and could possibly be dimpled. Diablo Midnights are pretty nice, and like I stated above Anarchy is pretty sweet as well. You get what you pay for, remember that.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll keep updating this as I go, just like in the scenario stickies. Let me know if there is a subject you’d like covered, I’ll get right on it.

- Brian
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