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which package will i get more bang for my buck? here are pics and the discriptions of two sets. i would like input from anyone who has used either or point me in the right direction on better setups. also, do i really need the low profile hopper and rail or can i just get a sight and be done with it? set one cost $50 with shipping and set two cost $33 with shipping.

set one...

This is the perfect Quick Aim Dot Sight for your TIPPMANN A5 marker. With this scope you can keep both eyes open and just snap to your target. When US Special Forces started using a sight like this the hit ratio on the first shot jumped drastically and yours will too. You can choose a Red or Green Dot with 5 levels of brightness each so you can set it depending on the background you are shooting against. Check the specs below.

30mm Red/Green Dot Scope
Objective Dia.:
Field of View @100 yards:
Eye Relief:
Exit Pupil:
Click [email protected] yards:

CR2032 3V Lithium

set two...

The X7 hopper clears the sightline for the scope and keeps your profile low.

Scope mount riser to get the scope up high enough to so you can easily sight with your mask on.

This is the perfect Quick Aim Dot Sight for your TIPPMANN A5 marker.

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you might want to get both considering for most paintball games for casual gamers, set two's scope would be ideal. Set one would be for scenario games as you'd have tunnel vision if you used set one in regular paintball games with casual gamers or noobies.

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you may want to consider not getting a site of any sort. they're not useful whatsoever as paintball never really fly straight.
the onyl acceptable use of a scope would be to see long distances in place of binoculars

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i probably wont get either.
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