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Hey guys,

I've had this intimidator for a while and I believe it is time to trade it off. I cleaned and lubed this bad boy last night and took some shots with it. Of course, it rips.

Bob Long Classic intimidator -- Orange Fade
Chrome Volumizer (with LP mod, of course)
2 smart parts <300 psi guages
Black Tribal Eye Covers
Black Corduroy Grips (the ones with ribs)
Bob Long Torpedo inline regulator
1.4.3 Board (Turbo, Reactive, Semi, Full)
Black Magic Cup Seal
"BoB Inside" Jewel on left side of grip

The stock barrel will be included. The barrel in the picture is for a grey fade intimidator. Of course, the stock barrel is the color of the gun (continues the fade).

Extra information:
--The left side of the grip frane has a crack near the screw. I put a clear glue coat over it, so it is very durable, just appears to have a crack. It is basically covered by the guage, and very unnoticable unless pointed out. (pic of this is included)

Both CASH offers and TRADES are accepted.
E-Mail me at [email protected]
AIM : Blackice722001

Thanks in advance,

UPDATE: I put this on ebay just to make deals more contracted. If I see an offer that I like I'll allow you to bid the highest and we will do the predetermined deal.

Intimidator -- Ebay

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I have a 2003 diamond milled silver bko for sale. It has dye sticky grips, trigger job and dye xcel barrel for and extra 20 dollars. It does have the newer 2003 frame which is very nice. The trigger pull is comparable to many other high end guns and better than most impulses. I can also include some macroline if you want. I would really like to sell local so post ur offers, I do have a a pic at this website click on roster then cameron and my gun should be there sorry thats the only way i can show u the pic. Also u can click on gallery to see me holding it in a different view. Thankx and please make some offers i can include tank or hopper fo rthe right price i would like around 280 for the gun. Any offers will be looked at. that for trade
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