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have a red to black faed dark autococker that i have owned for a year and previously bought it from someone. I have probably used it maybe two times in that year. So you see the reason I am selling it. I hardly play anymore so I dont need this expensive of a marker. This marker has on it a Dye Boomstick, Palmer's regulator, 10-hole Freeflow Venturi Bolt, Dye Sticky Grip, Bomb three-way, and a DZ3 cradle. This marker is very fun to shot and have not had any problems with it. The paint job is in good condition and has a few minor scraches. If you want pics e-mail me at [email protected]. So heres the list of upgrades and extras. Got more questions just post em.

-12 inch Boomstick
-Dye Sticky Grip
-10 Hole Freeflow Venturi Bolt
-Palmers Regulator
-Bomb 3-Way
-DZ3 Cradle

-Paintball Box
-500 Paintballs
-2- 14oz CO2
-1-12oz On/Off CO2
-2-9oz CO2
-4 JT Slam Pods
-JT Pack for the SlammerSystem
-JT Slam Collar and G.O.T. Timer
-JT Thermal Mask Metallic Grey
-*************.com Mask Bag
-Dye Hat
-12 Volt Hopper
-8 Spare pods covered in paintball stickers
-Spare parts
-Dye Gloves
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