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reg to up the sale value of electra

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I want to add a reg to up the sale value of my electra, and I can't decide whether to get a more expensive, good one (torp). or a cheap, not so good one (PE Reg).

Please help.
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Dont buy a good reg because I dont think you would get nearly what you payed for it. I really dont see the point of buying one at all. Your going to lose money on it no matter what so why do it?
I would sell it as is. Like lovetocheat69, you will loose money either way.
Yah, if you are going to be selling it soon, then you will lose money on the reg and it wont be worth it.

You will pay prolly at least 50 for the reg, but it wont add 50 dollars to the price you sell it for.
If your set on putting a reg on it put a cheaper reg on it. Otherwise just sell it as it is. That'd be the smarter choice.
Its already got an inline reg so you can still say its got a reg.
Don't buy the PE reg.. I bought one and hadn't even fired a shot when the o-rings went. I called PE and they said - Yep that happens a lot. Then when I asked for a warrenty replacement on the o-rings (I mean it was BRAND NEW!) they said - O rings are not under warrantee. You can buy a rebuild kit and that will fix it...
Needless to say I was less then impressed with the PE reg. I bought an AIM 65 reg instead -- saweetness incarnate! Much happier with this one!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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