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I believe that the lack of importance that is put on the level of the grades of American children is leading to a downfall in society. In order to form a more perfect and intelligent source of knowledge, let us compare the grades given to us, so that we may strive to achieve goals based on the performance of others.

Spanish 3A
Farley, A
Term3 Average: 95.6
Term3 Grade: 96

Low, S
Term3 Average: 92.3
Term3 Grade: 92

Mc Mahon, J
Term3 Average: 78.4
Term3 Grade: 78

USHist A
Mitchell, J
Term3 Average: 86.4
Term3 Grade: 86

Algebra 2A
Penta, A
Term3 Average: 85.3
Term3 Grade: 85

Eng 11A1
Reinhardt, D
Term3 Average: 88.0
Term3 Grade: 88

Sharpe, K
Term3 Average: 83.0
Term3 Grade: 83


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All I know is that I'm getting a 62 in Biology,that's my lowest grade right now.

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Bio-Behavioral Health Psyc: A
Developmental Psyc: A-
Theater Arts: A
Sociology/Criminology: A-
CJ Courts and Procedures: A
Stat 200: B-

I've still got four finals to take, but I'm feeling pretty good. thumup:

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im so pissed..

i spoke to an admissions counselor from university of geneseo, and they told me i have a good chance of getting into their school because i have a strong portfolio.

EXCEPT!!! my GPA! which is only an 85. their students have 91-96 average gpa. im SOOO pissed cause she said i would seriously be considered but my average is what killed me.

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I'm probably staying back, I had a really rough year dealing with sickness and depression so I probably think its best for me to start fresh next year..

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Music theory-A
PE (yes in illinois we have PE k-12, yet chicago is the fatest city in america) A
Alg 2 & trig- B-
Chem- A
Spanish I- A
English- B-

A lot of people in my area consider my high school (waubonsie valley high school) to be like a ghetto but our education district is one of the top rated in the nation (district 204) Our high school is in the no child left behind watch list but i have tons of junior friends who score 32-35 on the ACT theirs just lots of those kids in our school who don't really care

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Science 8c B+ A- A- A A- A- A+ A
Pe 8c A A+ A+ A+ A+ B+ B+
Art 8c A- A A- A- A B+ A-
Computer 8c A- A- A- A A A A
Conv. Japanese A A+ A A+ A+ A+ A+ A
History 8c B B+ B+ B+ B+ B+ B+ B+
Algebra I 8c A B+ A+ A A A- C+ B
English 8c A A A- A- A A A A

What I've gotten all year so far.

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Introduction to Criminal Justice - A
Macro Economics - A
Intro to Computing for Engineers - B

I still have to take finals, but these are my projected grades. This semester was basically a filler semester until I can transfer my major which is why im only taking 3 classes right now.

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POL 271: World Politics --- B+
POL 423: Contemporary Politics and Policies of the European Union --- A
POL 373: American Foreign Policy ---- B+
SOC 352: Criminology ---- A
PHY 130: Basic Ice Skating --- A

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Gifted English- A
AP World History- B
Algebra II Honors- B
Biology Honors- A
Communications Technology I- A
Spanish III- A
Humanities: Renaissance to Modern Day (over at the community college)- A

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sumsimpleracer said:
PE (yes in illinois we have PE k-12, yet chicago is the fatest city in america) A
Houston, TX thumup:

All of my classes are honors. :)

Spanish 2- A-
Physics- A
English- C+ (teacher does not like me, you might know how it is)
Engineering- A+
Math lab- C (I am not sure what purpose this class surves. I do work but never hand it in)
Geometry- B+
Phys. Ed.- A

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Computer Engineering Tech- 98.01
Spanish II- 104.82 (That's not a typo)
English II- 97.23
World History- 99.05
Chemistry I- 93.24
Geometry- 96.60
Varsity Band- 100.00
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