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Pr0ph3t said:
This dude got scammed out of an MT Angel. Ballers, we need to help this dude get his gun back. This goes specifically out to ballers in Canada, seeing as this is where the dude stole the gun from. He's also trying to sell it off again, so be on the lookout.
too much spam in PBN, so I will post my opinion here:

Do NOT trade items without a cash medium. I cannot stress this enough.
What I mean is: Let's say Tom wishes to trade his item A with Jerry's item B.
Jerry will pay cash (via paypal, using verified accounts) to Tom. When Tom receives the money, he ships out item A (using a trackable method). When Jerry confirms that item A has arrived at his door steps. Tom will send same amount of money back to Jerry in exchange for Jerry's Item B. When Tom receives Item B, the transaction is complete.

You cannot trust another person to ship at the same time as you. So instead each person will pay cash for the other's item. This way both parties are protected. No cash is spent (except some minor services fees).

PROTECT YOURSELF. Read my tips for safer transactions:


If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it's probably a scam. You should know the market value of the item your buying/trading.

Do not make the same mistakes as everyone else. Do yourselves a favour, before you decide to complete a transaction read my tips for safer transactions. I've also listed what you should do when you've been scammed.

PM me if you need help.
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