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Bounty Hunter's Paintball Productions is proud to announce GRC’s first 12 hour scenario game!

The game will be held of Saturday, July 30th, 2005 at GRC in Belfast, NY. The game starts at 10:00 Saturday morning and goes to 10:00 that night. The fee for this event is $35.00 per player till July 11th, 2005 and $45.00 after the 11th. The fees include all day air and CO2, a commemorative game patch (guaranteed to pre-sale), I.D. tag, character card, and entry into the prize drawings.

Here’s the basis of the storyline:

It all seemed to start in June. Belfast was a normal small town, no different from any other until that one mysterious day. Townspeople began disappearing and strange occurrences started happening more and more often. Bodies have gone missing from the morgue; caskets have been dug up and left empty. No one can seem to explain why, but then again small towns have their secrets.

The local mental institution St. Dementia’s seems to always be at the center of the strange occurrences. Several years ago, Dr. Fitzroy took charge of the institution. Since his installation as the head of St. Dementia’s, more and more rooms are being filled while very few patients have gone into the institution and even less have come out. Some say that modern medicine just can’t help the criminally insane. Others say that Dr. Fitzroy has his own means of “curing” his inmates.

But the government has turned a blind eye to what’s been happening in Belfast for far too long now. The highly decorated Captain Connors has been sent in with a small strike force and several of our nation’s top scientists. Captain Connors did not come to Belfast empty handed; he has a state of the art mobile bio-lab at his disposal and the might of the U.S. military behind him. His mission: to find out where the “dead” of Belfast are going and put an end to it. Now that his first strike team has gone missing he is determined to end this mystery by whatever means necessary.

Do you have what it takes to end the evil that Dr. Fitzroy wants to release on the unsuspecting world or would you prefer to destroy Belfast and join Dr. Fitzroy in his dream of controlling the world through the zombies? Come to GRC and find out! Western New York’s first 14 - hour scenario game!

Go to to sign up and for more information. We look forward to seeing you there!

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