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A local terrorist group has been found operating in the local states. The A joint operation between FBI/ATF/CIA and a covert military ops group known as Shadow Stalkers are enroute to a little town getting ready to be turn upside down. A top Senate member is held hostage at the terrorist base.....

Mission 1:Terrorist are holding a American Hostage. Cia rep has 10 minutes to end stand off and secure the release of the American Hostage. At the end of 10 minutes, the unarmed agent can be taken hostage as well. Black ops/Feds may now resort to other matters to secure the hostage release.

Mission 2: Somewhere a BlackHawk has gone down. Last radio report was two alive as well as unknown dead. The terrorist also have intercepted the message. A race for their position is now on. Americans, must rescue, terrorist must take hostage or eliminate.

Mission 3: Terrorist have a huge ammunition dump. Americans must locate, seize or destroy as well as eliminate any threats.

Mission 4: Each side has target plyers to eliminate.

Mission 5: Recon enemy locations(closer the pictures the better points received)come up with plan of attack and carry out. Recon team is allowed three members, each base must have 4 members and security patrols must be sent out.

Mission 6: Race for Hotel. Winner defends and loser attacks. Eliminations on either side will be recycled in as reinforcements only.

Mission 7: Team of Americans need to link with another team. One team is carrying orders that can only be open when both teams are present. Locate where link up point is and carry out mission order. Terrorist, must protect item(will be revealed at game) and eliminate enemy.

Mission 8: Night Ops?

Mission 9: Each side has snipers on patrol. However, radio contact has been lost, now each side must locate their members.
1. Reestablish radio contact.
2. Find your team snipers
3. Protect snipers/eliminate enemy/extraction points

Mission 10: Terrorist must hold Hotel. Vip must live, papers and other forms must survive. Bomb must not be set or allowed to explode. Have 10 minutes to locate if planted.
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