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I normally don't make whole threads on paint but this paint is the exception.

So i go to BBT to get some paint for sunday... this season they have new sponsors so now instead of just PMI paint i have a much larger choice. I see the Rec Sport and Midnight. Midnights 45 Rec sport is 39. So i grab the Rec Sport. Open up the box no breaks, the shell had a reddish color kind of like this and no dimples could be found.

I go home and grab two balls. Take a step outside and wip them at my fence. Splat - really thick yellow fill. The best fill i have ever used(i have used Stingers, Big Ball, Midnight, Shrapnel, Evil, Menace, Afterburner off the top of my head) besides evil.

Time to play... this is the real test. I load my Halo and go chrono. I was shooting 240-250 that day. First game is at a football field sizes field with white barrels as bunkers. Kind of the cheap speedball field at the badlandz. I run to a bunker on the right 20 and start taking shots at people rather far away... Ok at low ROF this paint is shooting dead on. But what about high ROF? So i start ripping with my mag. Prolly 13-14 bps every single ball one ontop of the other. I was amazed. This field is so big you can be in the back and just look out of your bunker without any real threat of being hit.... from my position to the other teams back right was prolly 30 yards and i had to arc like mad. I never thought i would get the guy whos arm, butt and pods are sticking out but sure enough i see 2 yellow sprays on his arm. By now im like omfg this paint is the rocks. It prefformed amazingly well the whole day and for 39 dollars i have found my new paint of choice.
tl;dr: Buy Rec Sport
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