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Well today I was bored again (as usual). Yes, I did read what MP11 said on my last topic but I just like doin this type of stuff :) . Well here is what I did to my revvy....again. I took into consideration what MP11 said about it just being an agitated hopper and tried (<-notice the bold) to make it more of a force feeding hopper. So I drilled a hole in the shaft just a bit above the neck and ran a clothes hanger wire through it. I just wrapped it in some duct tape to prevent the wires from puncturing the balls(yea you call call it ghetto rigged I guess but who looks in your hopper anyways??) Then, just to secure the tape, I ran another strip of tape across the two wraps (pic at bottom, I know im confusing you).I figured that the balls sorta half in the neck and half out would be forced inward when the newly added blade passes over the tip of the balls.

(these were drop experiments with crappy Wal-Mart paint)
#1-170 balls in hopper<result>13 sec= about 13 bps
#2-170 balls in hopper<result>14sec=about 12 bps


*edit* i will try and get a vid up of me shootin with it once I get my tank refilled!
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