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just looking to see what other people think of my pride and joy, just finished building it about 2 months ago

Critical 2k5 frame
Air Solder Products body (ive only seen one mabye two others)
Tadao M5 board
Virtue membrane pad
Eigenram and spring
Kila detent kit
New eyes from paintballer187
Orange Bolt
Hi flow barb kit from crankwalk
Custom transparent smoke grips by Dark Seoul
Lucky Un1tech barrel .689 bore
CCM clamping feedneck
CP adjustable ram cap
CP Swoop trigger
Unimount bleeding on/off
Hybrid Verdikt lpr
Trinity Frontblock
2k5 Torpedo reg
Bob long mini gauge


the blue light in the grip is the led light from the board, the grips are a transparent smoke so you can see the led light


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thanks guys yeah i dont really have any more cash to spend on a 06 frame, and unfortuantly i am now parting this gun out. Really didnt want to do it but in my current situation my paintball stuff wasnt going to be used for quite some time
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