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Ripper Intimidator Pictures

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Wow....this timmy is hawt! i dunno if you have seen pics of it yet:

what do you guys think?
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MY only complaint is that the gauge is almost bigger than the marker!

if i had enough money to get a nice timmy i would have no idea what to get...Alias, Empire, Naughty Dogs, Ripper, Atomix, Dark. SOOO Many hot timmys
i've been visiting atomix lately, and must say their timmys are getting faster each day ;)
looks like a milled alias...
thats a sick timmy i like the blue alot!!!!
MAN I HATE THAT GAUGE! Other then that it looks tottaly awsome :).
dude, that might be teh sexayest gun evar
I like the Darks better...some rippers are hot tho.

I've noticed that lots of Timmys have insanely large gauges... The guy at our shop was looking at onewe had on the wall and I laughed out loud when I saw how big the gauge was.
omfg..i think ill get 1
It's gay as hell. Old rippers > new one by FAR.
psh..ur gay as hell...when are these gunna be out and what is the price tag gunna look like, maybe ill stick with gettin alias for my next gun
Nice Hot sexy
kinda looks like a modded alias

cool though
...all the new timmys look like a "modded alias"
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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