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rof for (palindrome) and esp frame

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i am gonna get an esp frame for my xtra and I am going to get and VL evolution aka egg. The egg says it has 17 bps capability and I was wondering how fast the frame can fire on full auto and on semi auto? :confused:
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The normal ESP Frame is capped at like 13 bps, you can buy uncapped boards that are like 20 or so. You should do fine with the stock board and the Egg.
The ESP frame can fire at 9 BPS fully automatic and in semi. it can only shoot as fast as the cap (13 BPS). When you shoot over the cap, the board will shut off for a split second.

There are uncapped boards like mentioned above. The IS, the T-Board, and the XFS Advantage.
Yah, you will have no trouble at all with the egg. It says that the frame will do 13 BPS full auto in the book, however it is really only shooting about 9. The board is capped at 13, so you will never outshoot the egg.
i have yet to have 1 chop with my gun using my egg, your egg will easily keep up with you, and if you decide to upgrade to an uncapped oard, you can get a z-board for the egg, which feeds 24
I chopped with a revi a few times but since I got a Egg it has been nothing but smooth sailing.
The egg will work great and if you decide to get an uncapped board or a faster marker you can put in a Z-board which will give you a couple more BPS.
do i buy a different esp frame that includes the uncapped board or do i buy it sepperatly and install it?
you have to buy a regular esp frame, then buy and is or t-board and install it
Buy an Empire Reloader and an ESP IPI 3.0 (Dipswitches are annoying). Once you can outshoot your board, or you feel like it's holding you back, I suggest the T-Board. The IS Board guys kinda died, although they are making a recent surfacing, and the XSF Advantage kit is way overpriced. The IS Board guys were working on some new software so who know. Finally, if you want to be patient, you could always wait for the Kinetic Board by ACP Products.
I would go for the IS Board over the T-board. You can still get them but the people who sell them are hard to get a hold of. The Kinetic Board sounds like it's gonna be pretty good but its hard to tell when it'll come out. I don't know whats going on....
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