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Hey there is a pretty cool scenario in Maryland called Rogue Faction here's the info (taken from

Rogue Faction: Red Bear Rising
Outdoor Adventures
Sunday, May 15, 2005

Russian Spetsnaz General Boris Baddenuff dreams of the glory days of the Soviet Empire. With America's military forces stretched from the Near East to Asia to South America, Baddenuff decides the time is ripe to strike his country's old enemy and regain Russia's position as the other dominant superpower on the planet!

Baddenuff instructs his beautiful secret agent Nastasha to assemble a group of rogue mercenaries and old Soviet castoffs in his home province of Pacmanistan. What kind of attack are these fiends planning? Could the terror of nuclear devastation again grip the world? Will the world’s supply of vodka be threatened? What evil allies are they obtaining to help them with this nefarious plot? Is there hope?

Word of the impending strike has been leaked to a US agent inside Russia, and American President Sturm has called upon the only men that have successfully faced Boris and Nastasha in the past: G. "Rocky" Hardrocks, and Ben "Bull" Wrinkle, two of the best leaders in America's Fast Action Response Team. Can "Rocky" and "Bull" Wrinkle stop Boris and Nastasha again? Will it be necessary to call on Doodley Danright and his girlfriend (name withheld to protect the innocent)? Can we pull a rabbit out of a hat? America's future, indeed the fate of the entire world, is at stake.

The maximum number of players for this event will be limited to 500. We will close admission when 500 players have registered so register early!

COST: $25 at field, or $20 online (save $5) – includes admission and all day air

Registration begins promptly 7:30 AM with the first game starting at 10:00 AM.
Call 410-437-7492 if you have questions.
Paint (PMI Premium) can be purchased for $50.00/case 2000. Chrono Limit: 280 fps.

We will have a limited amount of HPA tanks for rent for this event for only $10, with ID. Gun rental with HPA tanks will rent for $20 with ID.

Schedule Special Positions
7:00 a.m. Gates open
7:30 a.m. Registration & Air open
9:00 a.m. Rules Briefing;Prizes
9:30 a.m. Teams head to fields
10:00 a.m. Game starts
12:00 p.m. Lunch(Game Continues)
4:00 p.m. Prizes
Late arrivals will be inserted into the game at the regular Rejuvenation times (every 20 minutes)

Event Map Click Here ( Faction 2 Map.jpg)

In an effort to reward players who volunteer for “extra duty”, selected players for the following positions will receive the following...

Generals (free admission, thermal goggles w/fan, free lunch & case of paint.)
Commanders (1000 balls each, free lunch)
Medics & Engineers (500 balls each, distributed upon evaluation)
To apply for these positions online you must first register for the event normally. To view what info you'll need to provide, view PDF form. Space is limited.

Paint and smoke grenades (non-heat generating), radios, mortars, and semi-auto markers.
HOME MADE GRENADES OF ANY KIND, Grenade launchers, Laser sights, Paint other than event paint, Full-Auto or multi-shot burst markers, NERF rockets.

Food provided by:
MC Caterers with their renowned pit beef, ham, turkey and other culinary delights.
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