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Hi, and thanks for looking at my SB Tens For Sale thread.

These are a pair of blue Salomon SB Ten skiblades(or snowblades, whatever you want to call them) which have been used less than five times. I bought them because I wanted to try them, then got twintip skis and liked those better, so now I’m selling my ‘blades to buy a computer. Here are the pictures of them:

Both ‘blades, side by side:

Close up of a binding:

Close up of the SB Ten symbol:

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, as they were taken from my cell phone.

More pics are available upon request.

I have no asking price, name your own.

If you are interested in buying these ‘blades, please PM, IM, email me, or post here, as I will check this thread frequently.
IM: redzebraomgwtf17
Email: [email protected]

PayPal is my preferred method of payment.

You as the buyer will pay shipping.

No trades please.

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