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Yeah, I'm more of a speedball guy, but I'm going to have to admit, scenario paintball looks pretty sick!!!:cool: My problem is is their any good scenario places near by. I'm talking about scenario paintball with generals, spys and what not. I would love to get involved but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?

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Anyone know of any in the bay state area ?

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Are you willing to travel to an event?

Cause Decay of Nations is happening this august.

Sadly I will not be able to go this year because of Basic, But my team will be there (Grey Knights)

But here is the pricing if your interested

-Weekend: $70.00
-Single Day: $50.00

Pre-Register by June 28th and pay only $60.00 for the weekend!

Air Fees
-Weekend: $15.00
-Single Day: $10.00

-Giant Paintballs: 34.99
-Procaps Tournament: 44.99
-Evil Professional: 49.99

Group Specials
-Register 6 players and get the 7th free! Must all register at the same time*
Please call 562-867-9600 to have the free entry applied!
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