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Hi, we have finally pulled together the details for our next scenario game titled: PREDATOR. We will host this game on SATURDAY, MARCH 22ND. We will once again have a BBQ diner afterwards!!! It is loosely based on the Hollywood Movie ‘Predator’ (go figure). The last game we hosted was a fun game, this time it’s going to be bigger & better. We have made some changes to the setup to insure a less confusing and smooth flowing games. This time we are looking for about 30~40 people so please pass the word on to anyone you know who plays. Below are the details, please read it carefully! I do have a map of the field and some photos in a PDF format so please e-mail me if you would like a copy of them.
Adam – CPW – No Pain, No Gain!



WHERE: MOOSUP, CT Exit 89 off I-395
COST: $10 registration fee of which $6 will be refunded on the day of the game.

PLOT: This scenario game is partially based on the Hollywood movie ‘Predator’.
A specialist US Army Commando unit is sent deep into the Central American jungle to rescue two (2) CIA agents who were taken prisoners by Guerilla fighters during a recon mission. What seemed to be a simple rescue mission quickly becomes a nightmare for the Commandos when they are forced to do the CIA’s dirty work. Once the Commandos rescue the POWs, they are order to an ‘extraction zone’ which turns out to be overrun by a secondary Guerilla unit. The Commandos request for a secondary extraction zone is denied and they are forced combat Guerilla fighters. As the Commandoes & Guerillas fight, they must also defend themselves from a team of well hidden Predators.

-One hit your out. Friendly fire is counted as a hit. Gun hits do not count.
-Predators can only be killed by head shots.
-Each team can choose one player as a medic; the medic will be wearing an arm band.
-Medic can not revive you from a head shot.
-You must wait where you were killed for a medic to heal you.
-Guerilla fighters can not leave their zone until they are fired upon or identify an enemy.
-POWs will not have any weapons.
-CHRONO markers under 300fps for HPA and under 275 for CO2.
-Barrel plugs and safety on at all times when not playing.
-Full auto OK.
-Knee pads and boots with ankle support highly recommended.

TEAMS: Expected number of players = 30~40 players.
1x Commando Unit.
1x Primary Guerilla Unit (CIA capturers).
1x Secondary Guerilla Unit (swarming the extraction zone).
4 man team of Predators (snipers). (FIXED ROLE)
2 hostages. (FIXED ROLE)

To give everyone a chance to play the Commando & Guerilla roles, we will be divide up the players evenly in to 4 different teams. Team 1 will be the first Commando unit while team 2, 3, & 4 will be Guerilla unit 1 & 2. Once the Commando unit 1 is eliminated or completes its mission, we will rotate the teams.

We need 24 to 32 players to fill the roles of Commandos & Guerillas. Everyone will get a chance to be the bad guys and the good guys.

If you know anyone who would like to take part in a Paintball Scenario game but does not have the gear, let them know that we are looking for two people to play the roles of the POW. The POWs will not charge a registration fee.

This is a good opportunity for snipers & sniper wanabees to get some great practice time. We are looking for 4 snipers to play the role of the Predators. You must have some experience as a dedicated sniper and have good stealth skills, camouflage or a Ghillie suit.

Be on the field by 9am SHARP, first game starts at 11am and BBQ at 5pm.

COFFEE & DONUTS in the AM. Bring your own lunch. Full out BBQ at 5pm.

Everyone MUST register and pay a $10 registration fee; $6 will be refunded to you in cash the day of the game. The registration fee is to help us cut down on people who fill up the list but do not turn up. The $4 we keep will go towards food, drinks & HPA refills.

Please e-mail me [email protected] or call me at 917-544-4431, after 6pm with your registration details;

THE POSITION YOU WISH TO PLAY (Commando & Guerilla, Predator, or POW)

Please mail your payment in the form of a Money Order or a Personal Check to;

ATTN: Adam Rountree
PO BOX 866
Moosup, CT 06354

If you have any questions please contact me.

Thank You
Adam Rountree
CT Painball Warriors – NO PAIN, NO GAIN!
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