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Scenario/Big Game Pictures

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Post Pictures of Big Games or Scenario's!!

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German lines



(left to right)
George, Me, Kessler, Gaji, Bullis, Jabo

Head Shot!

- Brian
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im the one w/ the red jersey check my plug found it lost my condom

fannin the ole trigger

defendin the rocket

federation X and our general

the other general

spiro and the stink bomb

Looney Bin in OHio this weekin it was alot of fun most of the pics are from the final game. it was 24 hour thingy w/ a night game and a couple other games our side lost i was an engineer and did very little.
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My first scenario: Painted Fate, a swat vs terrorist game @ 3 rivers in good ol' PA.

note: read the last paragraph of the description; me and another kid went up the middle, but got pinned down and taken out by 7 guys. we almost had it!
hey was that a pic of d day in pa at skirmish
Me at Splatter Park, Mt. Gilead, Ohio a year or two ago at their 'Big Game' this is afterwards when they were throwing stuff off the truck, i won an Empire T-shirt!

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Jesus, why is this a sticky? No one has posted in this thread since like 2004 and there are six posts.
Because back in the day we were trying to organize things. That's why! ;)

- Brian
argh, we need to get this section going. scenarios kinda the only thing on this site i have knowledge about, lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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