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Who is the best Scenario Team in the world?
Well, we are going to find out!

August 6 & 7 2005
At EMR Paintball Park in New Milford PA.

We are now accepting registration for 32, 10 person Scenario Paintball Teams. Each Team will have to complete 5 missions and defend 5 missions for points. Once all teams have completed 10 missions we then have a final mission where 4 teams compete and the where the winner takes all. Also to gain points teams can compete in side competitions such as Accuracy Range, Grenade Range, Weaponry Identification and a Hogan’s Alley style land navigation course. So find 9 friends or submit your team to play in the game to determine who the best Scenario Team is. So come out and see if your team has what it takes to be called the Best of Scenario Paintball.

Registration: Will be open from 4:00 pm to Midnight on Friday and again at 6:00 am to 7:30 am on Saturday. All registration is non-refundable and all Captains must check in at the Captains meeting on Saturday at 8:00am to be counted in the schedule.

Event admission: $500 per 10 player team prior to pre-registration deadline; $600 after the pre-registration deadline and on the day of the game. EMR accepts Credit Card payment only by PayPal; checks and money orders may be mailed to the EMR address above prior to the July 22, 2005 deadline. Visit the EMR website for more information.

Admission includes: All day air fills, official embroidered event patch; laminated event badge; entry into the prize drawings; and entry into the mini-scenario game on Sunday for Pre-registered only.

Paint: Severe event paint - 2000-round case - $80.

Air fills: included in the price of admission - unlimited fills.

Important schedule info: Captain’s meeting is at 8:00 am on Saturday
All games begin at 9:00 am and will end at 5:00 pm. The play-off eliminations of the top 8 teams begins at 5:30 pm and the finals will be held in Castle Arrrgh at 6:00pm between the top 4 teams. We will then crown the champion team in the courtyard of the Castle.

Game information:
The 5 missions count for as much as 100 points each.
Mission 1: Urban Assault
Mission 2: Hostage Extraction
Mission 3: Patrol
Mission 4: Demolition
Mission 5: Snatch and Grab

Each Team has 5 major roles for characters.
Captain – Commands the team and reports scores to scorekeepers.
Medic – Can heal up to 5 hits on players per game.
Demolitions – Can use explosive devices.
Communications – Will use radios to communicate with staff.
Heavy Gunner – Can use a Single Round Projectile Launchers (SRPLs), Personal Air Cannons (PACs), and Law rocket launchers (LAWs).

Field Information:
From 6:00pm to Midnight the Rec Center will be open for players to enjoy foosball, ping-pong and Karaoke. Plus Eric “Tiny” Harvie and James “Munky” Bamert both Blue’s Crew Members and Gunslingers, who put this game together will be available to answer any questions you might have..

Volleyball net and horse shoes will be set-up during the day.

E.M.R. will also have a bonfire going Friday and Saturday Nights.
The International Paintball Museum will be open on Friday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m

There are 22 bunkhouses available for FREE. They range from 12 to 21 bunks. These must be reserved through EMR and it is done on a first-register, first-get basis. Players must register a group of 15 people to get their own private bunkhouse; otherwise they will be put with other players in a bunkhouse. The faster players pre-register, the better bunkhouse they get. There is also FREE camping available on-site on a first-pre-registered, first-get basis

Remember: There is a mini scenario on Sunday for all players. Entrance is included if you compete in the Scenario Clash and is $25 pre-registered for all other players or $35 at the field.

For More Information go to:

To recruit more members to make your team a full 10 go to: Recruit Members or Join a Team

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I am just wondering if you guys could give me some feedback. Does this game seem like something that would interest you? What kind of prize package would you expect to see at this type of event? Is there anything you would change?

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People here at this site and this forum especially get very annoyed at people who come to this site just to advertise so I won't give any feedback.

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We have web site dedicated to the Scenario Clash, which is on August 6 & 7, 2005 at EMR Paintball Park and brought to you by: (,
Atomic Ordnance (
and Tactical Markers (

Our web site is up and ready for you to download rules and ask questions. You can view the Scenario Clash website at Make sure you stop by and let us know if you have registered for the event so we can promote your team on the teams web page.
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