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Selling a 2k4 Ebladed Cocker with UPS!

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Im selling a
2k4 VF Cocker
Eblade With Eyes
Torpedo Reg
Kapp Beavertail
Shocktech Bolt
14 Ultralite Barrel
Includes All Stock Parts
No Ding Dents Or Scratches
Used 2 times
asking 775 obo

aim: KOREAN Malarky

No Trades!
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post some pics...
Sounds sweet man, you will have better results if you post some pics.
yea and why u selling a brand new eblade that u only use twice
You don't need 2 threads on this...

and your story isn't straight. the other thread, you said you used it 4 times, 5 cases. in this one, you said 2 times.
buddy i used it 2 times after june 10th
at high velocity paintball
and in my backyard!
Are you stupid? Look at your other thread JewStein i mean einstein, it says 2 different usages.
hey buddy before u go on about being all bigotty and stupid look at the dates... i used it twice after i posted okay?
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