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ok well heres the storyi am getting a new gun but am far from having the money so im selling a bunch of stuff. i am selling the paintball stuff for store prices and the other stuff im am making it a lot lower prices.


electric guitar and amp: guitar is terminator with distortion board and amp installed on it, amp it solid state (it's not huge but it gets the job done. and the amp cord the covering around the cord is missing a bit but not tons. all works great. (guitar needs strings and a battery for built in amp).$80.00 for all. obo.

paintball stuff: the store prices.

Marker: Blue E-force piranha r6 perfect condition shot maybe 3 hoppers of paint since i got it.$100.00 (includes car and wall charger, tool kit, stock barrel, barrel plug, and all the papers(manuel, help book.) (Blue).

Hopper: non-motorized 200 rd egg hopper. ( a little tough to fit in the gun but a smokestack will fix the problem. great condition very clean $5.00.

Barrel: custom products 16" black. $40.00. (perfect condition, no scratches internally but a few tiny 1's externally not big at all barely noticeable).

C02 tanks: 2 twelve ounce C02 tanks great condtion ( a little scratched warning sticker missing on one of them, not filled cant shipped filled). $20.00 each.

Gloves: 1 pair of game face half finger gloves $2.00. great cond.

All paintball: 187.00 plus S&H.

thats all for right now i might add some more later so, write back later on e-mail me at [email protected] if interested in anything. willing to sell paintball stuff seperatly. thumup:

P.S. money order olny will send when i get money

these are all for x-box: GTA 3, GTA vice city, and tetris.

please if your interested leave your e-mail and/or aim screen name mine is

E-mail: [email protected]

AIM: mybubblespop798

im on everyday.
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