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Ok guys. Here's the rundown; I'm looking to sell all paintball equipment I currently have. I don't have the time to get out there like I used to, so I'd rather the gear go to someone who will actually use it. Here's my list:

Smart Parts Ion Marker w/
-Tuned board w/ QEV
-Upgraded Eye
-Silver/Black body kit
16" 2-piece J&J Ceramic Performance Barrel
Stock Ion 11" Barrel
Custom Barrel Cover
Ninja PRO CF 68/45
Custom Tank Cover
Empire Invert Halo Too SE White Hopper
Smart Parts Tournament Jersey
Smart Parts Pants
Smart Parts Gloves
JT nVder Goggles w/ Thermal Smoke Lens
Battle Swab
Micro-Fiber Cloth
Smart Parts S7EEK Lubricant
Spare O-Ring Kit (50 pcs.)
4+1 GxG Harness
6 Black Valken Pods
Rechargeable Smart Parts Lithium Ion 9v Battery
9v Battery Charger
4 NEW Duracell AA Batteries
Allen Wrench Set
Crescent Wrench
Mix Bag of spare parts (about 25 pcs.)
GxG Gear Bag
500 All-Star Mid-Grade Paintballs

QUESTION: If you were a buyer and saw this listing, what would be a fair price for an almost assured sale? Keep in mind, I spent about $500 acquiring everything. I would like to make some decent profit. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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I was afraid you would say that. Ah well, if this helps a kid get into a sport I've loved for so long, I'll take $400. Or less. We'll see how it goes. Rough estimates still welcome!

P.S. - The Ninja PRO 68/45 and Halo Hopper are brand new. The tank was born in November of 2012. Not sure if that will help with pricing...

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Tank being still several years left in it's first hydro will help get $100-120 for it (you'll never get new price for previously owned, even if it's never been used)
Agree with Huck on the Ion and Halo (it might be new, but unless the plastic wrap is still on the box, when you sell it, it's used to anyone looking), and pretty much everything else.
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