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Sadly, i am leaving the sport but the good news is you might get a chance on a pretty cool back player deal. I have been using this setup for a little over 2 years, and its done me quiet fine! Just some information, m3's require a lot of maintenance (constant oiling, O-Ring changing and the like..) but its also a high BPS (20~), and straight streamer.

If you don't find yourself working on your gun before and after you play, then this might not be the gun for you. If you don't mind taking care of a gun, then this is the gun for you :)

The Gun has had a nice handful of upgrades, the rate of fire is only 17 BPS (due to the Loader) but the gun itself can go up to 20 BPS, so with a loader upgrade the full potential of the gun can be achieved. I did a custom trigger job, which in comparison is like clicking a mouse. I put on a CP drop and a Bob Long regulator, and a macro line kit.

I purchased the gun new, did the upgrades through a pro shop locally here, and have kept great care of this gun. But like i said in the beginning, i have to leave the sport (college is just too expensive...) I hope this package brings you much joy, like it has brought me. If your a new player, EVERYTHING you need to play is included here!

m3 Black Dragun 2003 LCD (Spyder Clone)

Pure Energy HPA Tank 72ci 3000psi Aluminum

V-Force Morph

eVlution II

Redz Dimension 5.5 Harness

* 10x Dye Blue Pods
* Crate O' Paint (Random Brands...)
* Large Marker Gloves
* Dye Barrel Condom
* Fat Boy Barrel Plug
* Gun Oil
* 32* Spring Kit
* Alan Wrench
* Screwdriver
* Squeegee


Well, I know that i would not be able to get what i paid for all of this - i just threw some prices in there to give you an idea of what i paid. Since i bought from a Pro Shop i had to pay the suggested retail price, which was somewhere in the neighborhood of 625 dollars... not including all the things in the accessories list.

I am asking 400 dollars even, OBO - thats a 225 dollar saving (not including all the free things i am throwing into the accessories list...

Please contact me via EMAIL and not through the forum, email address is: [email protected] - thanks for your time!
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