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ok, here goes...

2k2 rf cocker
free flow nylatron bolt
SLIK backblock
palmer's micro rock reg lpr
Free flow ram with 1 QEV
Shocktech bomb 3 way
cp inline reg
dye ultralite 16" barrel
32* drop forward

stock barrel
stock bolt
stock ram
stock 3 way
stock back block
stock lpr
stock inline reg
shocktech slider frame
never been used 15* electro ASA - never been used in a game

im asking for the $370 obo, i've put over 590$ into it, and it comes with all of the stock parts as well as the shocktech slider and 15* e-asa

i'll part out with the stock parts, but i want to keep the gun as a whole, it works and is in excellent condition, and is timed to make shortstroking nearly impossible (i've tried and can't)

for picks of misc parts post here with your email.

I recently lost the trigger shoe on this gun. it won't affect performance, but just something to keep in mind.

*******ALSO I will thoroughly clean and lube this gun before it ships and to make sure it is at optimal performance*******

<--- gun pics
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