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Hey guy's I'm selling my never used in a game AGD RT Pro Ule Custom
I lost my job :( and the bill's are commin so i godda lose the gear and fast :(
Looking to sell it all for $650.00 OR i can brake it up if need be. Thank's alot for looking.


Chrome Y Trigger Frame

Red X-Valve

Chrome vert Feed Ule body (AutoCocker Threaded)

Lvl-10 Installed

ULE Light trigger Pull Kit Installed

ULE 2 Peice Barrel (AutoCocker Threaded)

4,500 PSi Java Fiber HPA Tank 68ci

200Rnd View loader 2,000 Electric Hopper

Aluminium Carry case with combination lock

2,000 Paintballs

Reason for selling: Bought it earlyer this year and haven't used it
so i figured I'd sell it to someone that will
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