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hello guys i jsut got my new mini and it is awesome! so i am selling my previous gun my smart parts vibe and everything i used with it.
so here is what i am selling all for $200 dollars and everything is only 6 months old tops.

-Smarts parts vibe [ only used 6 times 7 at the most, only around 6 months old, and i have never had any problems with it ]

-Barrel [ it is the stock barrel ]

-Co2 [ again around six months old]

-tippman a5 electronic hopper [ no problems, only around 6 months old ]

-Barrel and Hopper cleaner [ incase a ball breaks in your hopper or barrel ¸

-Allen keys [ every key you need to take it apart ]¸

-Barrel Condom

+ i will give you an extra 500 paintballs just incase you want to test the gun as soon as you get it

If you would like to see pictures and video just pm me or email me at


or email me or pm if you have any further questions on stuff like warranty
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